Banyan is proud to be working together with numerous other organizations to help provide relief for Haiti.  Robin Eissler of Corporate Aircraft for Relief Efforts (CARE) is coordinating more than 400 aircraft volunteering lift free of charge.  Windsor Jet is coordinating and warehousing pallets of supplies for flights to Haiti and Banyan provides 24 hour fuel, ground support, crew and passenger coordination.

US Customs at FXE has extended hours for flights to clear customs from Haiti.  The FXE Airport Operations and Control Tower staff have been very accommodating with complicated flight plans to the small airports in Haiti.

Hundreds of corporations have donated aircraft, personnel and supplies.  Volunteers assist in repackaging, preparing and loading supplies.  The Red Cross is helping orphans unite with their adopted families.  And there are many many more organizations involved with the efforts at FXE.  Thank you to everyone for everything you are doing to assist.  Your help is so very appreciated.