Banyan is excited to announce the launch of the Why Banyan campaign, featuring a unique corporate video capturing an up-close look at our company. Unlike the standard corporate videos prevalent in the industry, our video presents a journey through Banyan’s various departments from the vantage point of a corporate pilot, Captain Dan.

With almost half a century of experience in providing top-tier aviation services at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Banyan is well-known for its luxurious Key West-style FBO and its accompanying services and amenities. However, there are many other professional and expert services that Banyan offers across its expansive 110-acre complex, which may be unknown to some visitors. These services include:

  • MRO and Avionics Service and Installation
  • World’s Largest Pilot Shop
  • HondaJet Southeast Dealer
  • Aircraft Sales, Acquisitions, Brokerage and Management
  • Aircraft Parts Solutions
  • Jet Runway Café

As proud recipients of the 2023 #1 US FBO title awarded by Professional Pilot Magazine’s PRASE Survey, we felt that now was the perfect time to show our customers and the aviation industry the reason behind our success. With our Why Banyan campaign, we aim to awaken your curiosity and introduce the world to the various departments and services that make us the best in the business.