Banyan and Universal Avionics hosted a Mobile Demo Unit Event and was able to provide personal, hands-on demonstrations of their latest avionics solutions.

MDU teamThe MDU delivers premiere ‘on-the-go’ service with on-site, one-to-one demonstrations of UA’s most innovative avionics solutions including:

  • SBAS-FMS for Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) for capability, improved safety, and savings in time and money
  • ClearVision™ EFVS and SkyLens™ HWD to fly head-up and overcome extreme weather and low visibility
  • UniLink™ UL-80X CMU for Data Comm to enable simplified communications and access to preferred routing
  • InSight™ Display System to streamline flight deck operations
  • Interactive Synthetic Vision System (i-SVS) for a ‘head-up, head-down’ flight deck solution with an innovative gaze-control concept

To learn more about these avionics solutions, visit Universal Avionics or call Banyan Avionics at 954-491-3170.