/, Avionics/UAT with WAAS GPS

If you’re in need of a UAT with WAAS GPS receiver, the units listed below all meet the 2020 ADS-B Out requirement.  Keep in mind that if your aircraft will be flown over 18,000 feet or outside of the United States, a Mode S Transponder with Extended Squitter is the equipment you’ll be required to have.  Even if you’re not flying over 18,000 feet or outside the U.S., but your aircraft is capable of doing so, you should consider a Mode S ES transponder for resale purposes – A UAT ADS-B Out solution in your aircraft will affect its resale value come January 1, 2020.

ADS-B transceiver with internal WAAS GPS sensor.
  • Subscription-free weather
  • ADS-B Traffic
  • Meets ADS-B Mandate Below 18,000 Feet
  • TSOC154c
  • MSRP: $3,495
KGX 150/130
The KGX 150 series of UAT transceivers and receivers offer an ADS-B OUT certified solution with an integrated WAAS GPS as well as the ADS-B IN features of Traffic and Weather along with optional wireless connectivity. The KGX 130 offers the same capability for aircraft that already have a compatible ADS-B compliant WAAS GPS solution.

The KGX Series offers outstanding value and flexible certified configurations and includes the following:

  • ADS-B IN and ADS-B OUT capability
  • KGX 150 includes a high integrity WAAS GPS
  • Can be paired with existing Mode A/C transponders
  • Receive TIS-B and FIS-B uplinks for traffic, graphical weather and other data
  • Display on compatible panel MFD or iPad via Wi-Fi module [Option]
  • Compliant with FAA 2020 UAT mandate.
  • Compliance: DO–160G, DO-282B/TSO C154c, TSO-C157a, TSO-C195a, and TSO-145c (KGX 150 only)
  • MSRP: $2,298 - $7,369

  • System includes built