Top Reasons to Fly through FXE Airport This Summer

Besides the warm sunshine and the beautiful ocean waves, Fort Lauderdale also has a great General Aviation airport that makes traveling for your next vacation a breeze. The Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport(FXE Airport) has no commercial airline traffic and much less General Aviation traffic compared to Fort Lauderdale International Airport(FLL Airport) so you won’t experience frequent arrival and departure delays. It is also conveniently located just minutes from downtown and beaches.

fxe airport atc tower

FXE serves a variety of General Aviation needs including aircraft refueling and parking, corporate aviation, air ambulance, air charter, maintenance, avionics, flight training, and aircraft refurbishing. There are no U.S. Customs fees and no landing fees here. The airport has a brand new 24-hour FAA Air Traffic Control Tower and U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility.

fxe airport cbp facility

It is also the first General Aviation airport in the country selected by the U.S. CBP to receive a Global Entry kiosk, which allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to expedite entrance into the U.S. upon arrival. With the kiosk, preapproved travelers no longer need to complete a customs declaration before landing and may skip process lines at checkpoints. Instead, they can simply check-in at the kiosk by scanning their passport or resident card and their fingertips for verification and completing the Customs declaration online. The kiosk will issue the traveler a transaction receipt and, if cleared, he or she can simply exit the facility, saving valuable time.

fxe airport global kiosk

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport features Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs), such as Banyan Air Service, that provide fueling, maintenance and other aviation services to based and visiting aircraft. Our award-winning FBO has tropical “Key West” style terminal complete with cascading waterfall, 800-gallon saltwater aquarium, 30-foot palm trees and plantation-style paddle fans. In addition to our spacious customer lobby, we offer an executive business center, three conference rooms, flight planning center, sleep bunk room, private shower, three pilot lounges, restaurant, vending and snack area, Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the complex and a view of the airport that is just simply amazing.


Along with Banyan Air Service, you can also shop at Banyan Pilot Shop right next door then grab a bit to eat at Jet Runway Cafe, a bustling, upscale eatery accessible right from the airport ramp.