After leaving Sammy T’s we arrived at The Hemitage which was built by Father Jerome.  The group in our van had previously hiked up the 63-meters of Mt. Alvernia to tour The Hermitage, so we took their word that it was a hard hike and without water we’d surely perish.  However, another group ascended Mt. Alvernia and lived to talk about it.  Here’s a few of their photos.

L-R: Sueanne Campion, Jeannie Gibson, Karen Wring, Pam Poitier and Leonard Stuart

 At the top of Mt. Alvernia, Father Jerome built a tiny chapel, a small living space, a bell tower, and also a guest room.  

The reward for hiking up to this spot was this incredible view.

You may notice that Don Campion is missing from these photos, that’s because he’s busy taking these fabulous photos. 

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