For the past 6 years, Banyan has led the way in partnering with organizations, teammates, customers, and individuals in the actual rebuilding, re-equipping and re-staffing of Egbe Hospital in a very rural location in SW Nigeria.

In addition to rebuilding 20 houses, a reservoir and installing diesel generators for electricity, a new 12,000 square foot main hospital building was constructed with an operating theater, and many departments were extensively remodeled.

The latest milestone, thanks to several donors, we now have a 15 bed wing just to accommodate children and babies.  The incubators run on batteries that are charged by our generators that only run 6 hours a day enabling the batteries to give 220 volt round the clock.  Until recently, there is no way twins would survive without the special care at Egbe Hospital – 100 miles away from the nearest hospital over treacherous roads.

Mother’s twins saved by new equipment.

Hospital construction crew.

The children’s ward under construction.

The children’s ward completed with the finishing touch!

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