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SmartSky Networks

Revolutionizing In-Flight Connectivity

SmartSky Networks is an industry leader with its high-speed connectivity, ensuring that passengers and crew experience the fastest internet available in the skies. Whether it’s for streaming, video conferencing, or staying ahead in business, their state-of-the-art technology redefines what’s possible in air travel.

Banyan Avionics, a global leader in avionics and connectivity installations, has partnered with SmartSky Networks to integrate their solutions into large and mid-sized cabin aircraft. Together, a combination of performance and innovation is created, ensuring in-flight connectivity meets the highest standards every flight.

SmartSky Networks LITE ATG System

SmartSky Networks LITE ATG System

The SmartSky Networks LITE ATG System represents a groundbreaking advancement in air-to-ground connectivity, tailored specifically for smaller business aircraft. This innovative system harnesses the combined power of 5G and LTE technologies to provide stable, responsive, and secure internet access. It’s an ideal solution for high-bandwidth applications, ensuring consistent and high-quality connectivity for everything from video calling and live streaming to operational flight data and situational awareness.

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Utilizes a mix of 5G and LTE features for dependable and high-speed internet access.

  • Optimized for Smaller Aircraft: Designed to fit smaller business jets without compromising performance.

  • Seamless Streaming and Communication: Enables efficient video calling, live streaming, and high-bandwidth applications.

  • Advanced Technology: Features software-defined radios for quick and effortless updates, ensuring the latest advancements in technology.

  • Robust Network: Offers a stable data flow to and from the aircraft, enhancing operational and situational awareness.

  • Ease of Installation: The system’s slim, lightweight design allows for simple installation in various aircraft types.

  • Cost-Effective Plans: Offers a range of service plans to suit different budget and mission profiles.

  • U.S. Patented Hardware: Ensures top-tier quality and reliability, with all hardware designed and built in the USA.

SmartSky Networks Flagship System

SmartSky Networks Flagship System

The SmartSky Networks Flagship System is at the peak of in-flight connectivity, engineered to cater to the demanding needs of mid- to large-cabin aircraft. This system not only embodies cutting-edge technology but also sets a new standard for air-to-ground communication. It leverages a powerful broadband spectrum and a sophisticated air-to-ground network to deliver unmatched performance. Whether it’s for business productivity, entertainment, or real-time operational data, the Flagship System ensures sustained, high-speed connectivity that revolutionizes the airborne experience.

  • Unprecedented Broadband Speed: Utilizes 60 MHz of broadband spectrum for high-capacity, low-latency internet access.

  • Designed for Larger Aircraft: Tailored to seamlessly integrate with mid- to large-cabin jets.

  • Real-Time, High-Performance Connectivity: Facilitates smooth video calls, livestreaming, and efficient data transfer, even in high-traffic areas.

  • Robust ATG Network: Nearly 30,000 beams and horizon-looking architecture ensure consistent performance, bypassing ground noise and interference.

  • Flexible Installation Options: Compatible with various SmartSky validated routers to meet specific aircraft configuration needs.

  • Enhanced Data Security: Provides a separate connection for each aircraft to the network, ensuring private and secure bandwidth.

  • Diverse Service Plans: Offers multiple data plans, including unlimited options, tailored to diverse aviation needs.

  • Advanced Environmental Compatibility: Meets DO-160G standards, ensuring reliability in diverse atmospheric conditions.


Aircraft Base Radio (ABR) Specifications

  • Operating Frequency Range: 2.4 GHz ISM band
  • Dimensions: 12.52 inches (Length) x 3.56 inches (Width) x 7.62 inches (Height)
  • Weight: 12.1 pounds
  • Mounting Provision: 3/8 ATR mounting tray
  • Power Consumption: 22 to 32Vdc, with a maximum of 10.7 amps at 28Vdc
  • Environmental Compliance: DO-160G standard
  • Warranty: 2 years

Full-Duplex Quad (FDQ) Antenna Specifications

  • Size: 15.04 inches (Length) x 3.39 inches (Width) x 10.26 inches (Height)
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds

High-Performance Blade (HPB) Antenna Specifications

  • Size: 30.04 inches (Length) x 4.62 inches (Width) x 7.43 inches (Height)
  • Weight: 13.5 pounds


Plan NameMonthly Data AllowanceMonthly SubscriptionOverage Fees
LITE HOURLY$99/Hour Included$995 Monthly*$99/Hour Overage Fee
LITE UNLTDUnlimited Data$3,495 Monthly*No Overage Fees
BA 55 GB Included$3,495 Monthly*$1,495/5 GB Overage Fee
BA 2020 GB Included$5,995 Monthly*$1,495/5 GB Overage Fee
BA 5050 GB Included$7,995 Monthly*$1,495/5 GB Overage Fee
BA UNLTDUnlimited GB$9,995 Monthly*No Overage Fees
BA HOURLY**20 HRS Included$4,495 Monthly*$299/HR over 20 hours

Note: Additional discounts are available for multi-year and pre-paid agreements.

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