“It’s not everyday that a Chairman & CEO, the President and two Vice Presidents of two of the world’s leading companies in Global Mobile Satellite Communications take the time to visit your facility,” states Brian Wilson, Director of Avionics at  Banyan Air Service, “Inmarsat and Satcom Direct have offices around the world and are internationally recognized by  everyone within the communications industry; we felt very privileged to have these distinguished guests choose Banyan to  pay a  visit and tour our beautiful facility.”

Banyan continues to be one of the leading companies in the South East United States when it comes to Connectivity and  High Speed Data for corporate aircraft. Banyan Avionics has provided installations on an array of aircraft ranging from  Citations, King Air and Challenger through the Boeing line of 727/737/747/757. Banyan recently certified the Honeywell Aspire product for the Gulfstream 2/ 3/ 4/ 4SP providing Wi-Fi, Internet and email access substantiated with an FAA  approved Supplement Type Certificate (STC). Our experience and knowledge is second  to none and we can provide different  options and price points for “any” type of aircraft. Just call today and ask the experts!

The avionics team has been busy working on a variety of aircraft, here’s a few of their latest projects:

  • Falcon 900EX – The team installed an Aircell High Speed Data (HSD) system on a Falcon 900 EX and also on a Challenger 604. This installation enables passengers the use of internet, e-mail and other connectivity services while on board the aircraft.
  • Boeing 727 – Upgrade is for Mode “S” Enhanced Surveillance which is required in European airspace. The work was  performed on location in Jacksonville when the aircraft was down for a maintenance inspection.
  • Eurocopter 120 – The team installed a Traffic Advisory System (TAS) which allows the helicopter to see other traffic in the area to avoid a collision. The work was performed at our partner’s facility, Edwards Rotorcraft Solutions (ERS).

Banyan’s avionics department is certified as both an FAA and EASA repair station and has also earned repair station designations for Argentina, Brazil, Bermuda and Venezuela.  Banyan also offers a mobile avionics team to provide services on location.  For more information, visit www.banyanair.com/avionics.

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