Bet you can guess where we were headed for next on the FAM trip by the above photo.  The flight from Grand Bahamas to Stella Maris, Long Island was about 2 hours.  It was a smooth ride, and very comfortable in the roomy Aero Commander we were flying in, piloted by Jack McCormick of Baja Bush Pilots.

Our accommodations at Stella Maris were simply amazing!  My husband and I were assigned to the Rainbow House and WOW what a house.  Take a look at the interior.

There are 3 bedrooms, ours was inside the house on the left hand side, Jeannie Gibson had the exterior room on the left of the house and Tom Horne had the suite underneath the house.  We couldn’t agree on who had the best view, but I think it had to be Tom.  His suite looked out directly to the pool and the Atlantic Ocean.  The photo below is from the upstairs deck.  What an amazing view! 

Stella Maris is such a wonderful resort.  It’s beautiful, peaceful and relaxing.  There’s a wonderful pool that’s actually part of the Atlantic where guests can swim, 

but that’s not the only swimming place to go.  Stella Maris has a pool at the Clubhouse, one between the Cottages in the garden and a deep dive training pool at their Marina.  In addition, there are a number of beaches on Long Island; Small Beach, Long Beach, Rock Pools, Love Beach, Deal’s Beach, Cape Santa Maria Beach, Columbus Monument, and Columbus Harbor.

We gathered at the Moonshine Bar and of course enjoyed a cocktail.  What else would we drink but a ‘Bahamas Mama’.  Salena Burrows welcomed us to Stella Maris and told us about all the activities available on the Island; deep sea, reef and bone fishing, scuba diving, boating, Blue Hole tours, Bat cave parties, snorkel excursions, cycling, and kayaking.  (So much to do, so little time.  Can we stay here forever?)

One of the most amazing things I saw while at Stella Maris was the very large brown moths flying around.  They seemed to be everywhere.  Greg Rolle said they were called ‘Honey Bats’ and there are actually Bat Caves on Long Island that people love to explore.  (I never did find out if they are moths or real bats in those caves.) 

After a buffet dinner, we went back to our house and found Tom Horne enjoying the salt water pool.  He keep telling us the water was great and we decided to go swimming.  I think we waited to long because as we were about to get in the pool, we noticed several crabs scampering here and there and several had beat us in the pool.

Now, I’ll leave it up to you to decide.  Did we get into the pool, or did we whimp out over some little crabs?  Only Tom Horne knows for sure!

My parting thoughts before leaving Stella Maris;  the night sky is absolutely brillant,  the stars are incredible and how much I’d love to have a family reunion here.  

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Here we are with Jack and Karaen McCormick and their Aero Commander getting ready to fly again.

Join me again on my next blog about New Bight, Cat Island and Fernandez Bay Village. N.B.