Banyan Receives New FAA Repair Station Certificate

Banyan Air Service Maintenance and Avionics is now one combined repair station, MRO Services. Gary Justice from the FAA recently gave Don Campion, Greg Laabs, and Lou Homsher the official documentation to merge Banyan’s individual repair station certificates. Previously, we had been using one repair station certificate for airframe, limited powerplant, limited propeller, and limited NDT. The avionics repair station had been operating as a separate repair station and had ratings for radio and limited instruments.

By combining the repair stations our technical division, now known as MRO, will be more streamlined in customer support. In addition to the US Certificated Repair Station, Banyan also has authorizations from EASA, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cayman, Columbia, Paraguay, and Venezuela. The MRO services team continues to enhance our maintenance and avionics support to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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