Another wonderful day in Paradise as we headed to New Bight.  During our flight, our pilot, Jack, recorded his thoughts on Stella Maris to share with the Baja Bush Pilot members.  I had the opportunity to really pay attention to this roomy Aero Commander and discovered Jack has the best equipment available.  I saw three GPSs and one of them was the Garmin 695.  I was wearing Bose headsets and noticed an ACR MicroFix attached just to the aircraft just above Jack’s left shoulder.  I also noticed the life raft and the life vests were easily accessible and hoped we didn’t have to use them.  Jack’s wife Karaen was keeping busy doing Sodoku and Pete was enjoying being in the air again.

We arrived at New Bight International Airport and waited for the vans to arrive.  Our accommodations were at Fernandez Bay Village Resort and some of the group were going to stay at Sammy T’s Beach Resort.  At Fernandez Bay, Donna registered us.  Then Evan gave us a tour of the common room, buffet area and the honor bar.  He also instructed us on how to keep our own bar tab.

We quickly deposited our bags in our room, the Coconut Palm, and everyone gathered to go to lunch at Sammy T’s Beach Resort, about a 45 minute ride.   Our host, Sammy, welcomed us and served Red Tail Snapper which was spicy and delicious, rice and beans, coleslaw and for dessert a guava roll with guava sauce (Yum!). 


Pam Poitier gave us an overview about Cat Island, the people and the activities available on the Island.  Then we took a tour around the resort and enjoyed the beautiful view of the ocean. 

My husband, Pete, and Jean Ballou from Galaxy Aviation toured one of the guest suites and saw it had 2 bedrooms, a living area and kitchen.   

It was a pleasure meeting Sammy and we hope to stay at his resort in the future.  For more information, visit

Join me for my next blog about The Hermitage on Cat Island. N.B.