Banyan MaintenanceBanyan Air Service is pleased to provide maintenance tracking assistance for our customers. A computerized  Maintenance tracking program can provide excellent value to owners and operators of aircraft in many ways. It allows operators to more accurately budget maintenance expenses and schedule maintenance down time around their flight schedules. It also allows them to view a snapshot of the status of their aircraft from an internet browser anywhere in the world.

There are many companies that provide maintenance tracking services such as CAMP Systems, Avtrak, CAMS and Cescom, etc. Each provides the same basic service with additional capabilities available ranging from providing electronic flight logs and flight planning to inventory management, and Banyan is always willing to assist in helping customers to choose the best system to fit their needs. Another advantage of utilizing such a service is the portability it provides in the event of the sale of the aircraft. The new owner can choose to continue to use the system for the same beneficial reasons often resulting in an increase in resale value of the aircraft.

For customers whose budget doesn’t include the cost of a dedicated third-party maintenance tracking program, Banyan also provides in-house maintenance tracking at no cost to customers that bring their aircraft here for the bulk of their maintenance needs. Regardless of the maintenance tracking program used, customers and their service manager receive an email each month showing the projected maintenance due over the next calendar year. Any of our customers interested in  assistance with maintenance tracking are invited to contact their service manager to take advantage of this benefit.

Visit the Banyan Maintenance website to learn more.

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