Why Choose an IADA Accredited Dealer

Why it matters that Banyan is an IADA Accredited Dealer.

Banyan Aircraft Sales is one of only 42 aircraft dealers in the world to have earned accreditation by the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA). IADA Accreditation means you can be assured that Banyan has been endorsed for transparency, ethics, and experience.

IADA Accredited Dealers represent the top 5% of the world’s aircraft dealers, yet Banyan and the other IADA Dealers are responsible for more than 50% of all pre-owned turbine and turboprop sales. That’s more aircraft by dollar volume than the rest of the world’s aircraft dealers combined.

Banyan is a member of the largest international network of dealers and brokers. IADA’s 42 Accredited Dealers, more than 500 brokers and all of the major OEMs around the globe share information, keep each other up-to-date on the most effective sales techniques and keep each other posted on the newest listings. IADA aircraft frequently sell before reaching the general market.