The ideal preparation for a hurricane is to remove your aircraft from the storm’s path, if that is not possible here are suggestions to help you.

Each year, hurricanes season hits Florida lasting from Jun 1 to Nov 30th.  During this time, Florida is hit with everything from small tropical storms that cause minimal damage to hurricanes causing destruction on a large scale. Even with modern technology and advances in predicting hurricanes, you and your plane can sometimes get caught in a storm.

Although the first thing we recommend to any aircraft owners is to leave the area well before the hurricane and find an FBO out of the storm cone, we understand that this is not always possible. If you do get stuck, it is important to make sure you are as prepared as possible to wait out the storm.


Suggested tips for your plane if you stay:

1)      Make sure your aircraft is in flying condition

2)      Verify your aircraft insurance is up-to-date

3)      Get a complete list of all avionics inside your aircraft

4)      Make sure your batteries are fully charged

5)      Make every effort to tie your plane down so that it will  face the wind

6)      When tying down your plane, use both internal and external control locks (example:  a belt around the yolk could help prevent excess damage to control surfaces.)

7)      Make sure you have additional chocks

8)      Make sure you have a full take of gas

9)      Clear excess debris from around your aircraft and hangar

10)   Make sure the trees around your aircraft and hangar are cut back

11)   Make sure your neighborhood area is clear of debris

12)   Move your aircraft to the highest ground possible to reduce flooding and possible damage to the fuselage or engine compartments

13)   Contact your local FBO for modified hours during storm warning


Remember in addition to preparing your aircraft for a hurricane, you also need to be prepared.


Suggested Hurricane Supply:

1)      Water

2)      Canned and dried food

3)      Extra prescription medication

4)      First Aid Kit

5)      Cash

6)      Personal Hygiene items

7)      Batteries

8)      Can opener, bottle opener, scissors

9)      Flashlights

10)   Don’t forget to stock up for your pets (if applicable)