Honeywell Weather Radar

Honeywell weather radar systems have been a leader in the business aviation market since introducing its predictive windshear weather radar in 1994 (Allied Signal). Honeywell weather radar systems use the latest in digital signal processing to detect incoming windshear turbulence and heavy weather allowing pilots to adjust potentially hazardous flight paths in plenty of time. Crew workload is reduced with the IntuVue 3D weather radar’s advanced automated weather hazard detection and analysis systems. Its predictive windshear and enhanced turbulence detection functions allow pilots to re-route around storm activity early minimizing the financial impact of bad weather. Additionally, pilots have found that their decision making has improved 26% when using IntuVue. Predictive lightning and hail detection are other advanced features of the IntuVue system.

Primus 660/880 – Honeywell Weather Radar System

The Primus 660 and 880 are Honeywell weather radar systems that combine a lightweight powerful integrated receiver transmitter and antenna and incorporate industry-leading features including concealed storm and Doppler base turbulence detection.

The Primus 660/880 meet both fixed wing and helicopter certification criteria, and offer the following benefits and features:

  • The most trusted Weather Radar in the Business Jet marketplace
  • Low aircraft down-time for most retrofits
  • May enable the installation of a larger antenna than the replaced radar – providing increased range and accuracy
  • 10kW magnetron for high reliability
  • Superior weather detection
  • Long-range and high-definition ground mapping
  • Rain Echo Attenuation Compensation Technique (REACT)
  • Display on EFIS or a dedicated indicator (MFRD)
  • Ground Mapping (GMAP)
  • Target Alert (TGT)
  • 120/60 degree scan
  • Advanced BITE and text faults
  • Receiver/transmitter and antenna in one compact line replaceable unit (LRU)
  • Compatible with the Honeywell Lightning Sensor System.
  • Available with 10, 12, 18-inch flat plate antennas

The Primus 880 Adds:

  • 24-inch flat plate antennas
  • Doppler Turbulence Detection (TRB),
  • Altitude Compensated Tilt (ACT)
Honeywell Weather Radar screen 1
Honeywell Weather Radar screen 2
Honeywell Weather Radar screen 3

Primus 660/880 Weather Radar Trade-In Program

Honeywell is currently running a promotional trade-in offer for operators with Honeywell weather radar systems (including legacy radars from Allied Signal, BendixKing, etc.) that are currently flying in an aircraft when exchanged for a new Primus 660 or Primus 880 radar system.

Primus 700A/701A – Honeywell Weather Radar System

The more fully featured Primus 700A and 701A Honeywell weather radar systems have integrated surveillance and search modes with weather radar using a color display. As with the more affordable Primus models, Doppler based turbulence detection is included with additional see clutter reduction and beacon detection functions. Both systems are supplied in a ruggedized chassis to reduce electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility to interference.

Primus LSX 860 Lightning Detector

The Primus LSX 860 lightning detector is an invaluable add-on to Honeywell weather radar systems.  The LSX 860 detects electrical activity that is invisible to radar at a range of up to 200 nautical miles, allowing pilots to set less hazardous courses as early as possible.

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