Don & Sueanne Campion in Egbe, Nigeria

One of our core values at Banyan is for our company to contribute to the communities we serve and beyond. Giving  allows our company to accomplish things far beyond ourselves. Our teammates have chosen two principal charities to support individually and corporately.

4Kids of South Florida is an organization working to solve the foster care crisis by matching modern day orphans with loving families. Our teammates paint and repair foster homes, serve on the board, and assist in fund raising.

The second project is rebuilding a rural hospital in Nigeria to deliver compassion and to bring medical hope to the  suffering who have few choices. Our teammates go there to help rebuild, remodel and reconstruct, and our FBO assists with the purchasing and servicing of tools, equipment and supplies to be shipped by container.

We encourage you and your company to get involved in giving because true long-term accomplishments are those things done now that can make a difference for generations ahead.

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