Banyan was proud to be working together with numerous other organizations to help provide relief for Haiti.

Corporations and individuals with aircraft were the first responders to Haiti and for several weeks the only way in, other than by ship or military aircraft.

Hundreds of aircraft owners offered their aircraft free of charge with a crew to fly medical supplies, medical personnel, and food.

C.A.R.E., Corporate Aircraft Responding in Emergencies, formed by Marianne Stevenson and Robin Eissler, was the organization receiving the calls and coordinating cargo and flights for critical transport during disasters.

Banyan Air Service at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport became one of the main departure points for Haiti relief. Cargo arrived by trucks to be unloaded in our hangar and medical staff would come to the terminal to wait to be assigned a seat on one of the donated aircraft.

Sending aircraft to Haiti also included assistance from FXE Airport Operations, the control tower, and US Customs and Border Patrol.

Volunteers assisted in repacking, weighing, and loading supplies, while the Red Cross helped and continue to help orphans unite with their adopted families.

There were many organizations and individuals involved with the efforts at FXE. Thank you.

Kind words from some of those who helped with the Haiti relief:

“Practically every FBO is friendly and helpful, but you really get a sense of their mettle when there is a problem. I also was doing Haiti relief flights in January. On 1/24 while racing to beat sunset hauling a full load of medical supplies, I was overfueled by 45 gallons. This should have been really disappointing, but their quick resolution left me thinking this is the best FBO I have ever visited. Within 15 minutes the excess was offloaded and my fuel was further discounted from their relief flight rate, certainly below their cost and without me asking. I did not even need to talk to the front desk, I just told a passing lineman and he returned immediately with a fuel truck and an assistant. I expected this would scrub the flight but it did not even cause a delay. Even on the busiest day I was there, with the FBO so full that doctors awaiting flights were sitting on the floor, an employee was making rounds offering people coffee. They are a first class operation in every detail.” – Michael Harris

“Banyan has played a large role in getting desperately needed supplies (med’s, food, tents) medical personal, orphans, and patients into and out of Haiti. The outpour of generosity from the aviation community has been INCREDIBLE! Thank you to all the corporate donors, private owners/pilots, and everyone volunteering their time in the hangar. Together we have been able to restore hope and care for thousands in need.” – Sue Cofrancesco-Campion

“We at wanted to give special recognition to the efforts of Banyan Air Services at FXE. They have been the heart of the Haiti relief efforts by the general aviation community. It has been a true pleasure to work with them to offer assistance to this important initiative. We would especially like to thank Michael O’Keeffe whose personal involvement with our team and the FAA has been paramount to this mission. We are appreciative that Mike considered one of the best ways to reach pilots with pertinent information.” –