Our company, Banyan Air Services, Inc. at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport is a 24-hr operation. We fuel, hangar, perform maintenance, assist passengers and crews with rental cars and hotel accommodations. We provide all services for business/personal aircraft.

These last few days we have provided storage, assisted with ground support, loading and coordination of numerous business aircraft on route to assist with Haiti Relief Efforts. We do not have a fleet of our own aircraft but we support charter companies, corporations and individuals that do have their own aircraft.

If your church or a charity organization that you work with are in need of a place to store or gather relief boxes that are going to be airlifted by private or business aircraft you are welcome to ask our staff for assistance and use our facility at the airport.

We have fork-lifts, hangar space and crews on duty that can assist with unloading cargo into storage and loading it on an aircraft that you or your organization have already arranged to transport the goods. (there will be no charge for storage or loading and unloading)

As of today, the relief organizations strongly discourage “grass roots” efforts to provide labor or supplies directly to Haiti unless affiliated with an organization on the ground in Haiti as they are often ineffective and lots of scams arise from disasters like this. They suggest getting your direction for relief giving from your church or quality organizations and charities like Red Cross, World Vision, Samaritan Purse, United Methodist Relief Center, Christian Community Foundation of South Florida and many many more. Also, equally important – Prayer for the people of Haiti!

At present the Haiti Port of Prince Airport is open only to authorized relief flights and being operated by the US Military. Crews wanting to get authorization must call the FAA to get properly designated permission as a relief flight. Some aircraft are reporting 2 hour holds above Port of Prince as the airport is full of aircraft from all over the world unloading cargo. Arriving aircraft to Haiti are asked to quickly unload and depart immediately making room for the circling aircraft. With no fuel at Port of Prince some smaller aircraft do not have the range to get in and out with cargo so they are going to Dominican Republic and flying over from there to Cap Haitian airport. It changes by the hour.

Banyan Front Desk staff can assist at – 954.491.3170 – Ask for Bruce Woodrell or Bill Garghill.

You get to us by going 2 miles west of I-95 on Commercial Blvd. then turn north on NE 21st Avenue which is the entrance to Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport and follow the signs to Banyan Air Service.

Our team is happy help,

Don Campion