Garmin GI 275

Garmin GI 275

The Garmin GI 275 is a powerful electronic flight instrument that directly replaces legacy primary flight instruments in the cockpit. The GI 275 is suitable as a direct replacement for a variety of instruments including, an attitude indicator, attitude directional indicator (ADI), course deviation indicator (CDI), horizontal situation indicator (HSI) and engine indication system (EIS).

GI 275 Basic Attitude

Basic Attitude

Save weight and maintenance expense: replace that aging vacuum pump-driven attitude indicator with a reliable solid-state ADAHRS-driven GI 275 electronic display.

GI 275 A Less Artificial Horizon

A Less Artificial Horizon

To add situational awareness, your display can overlay attitude reference on an optional Garmin SVT™ synthetic vision landscape with flight path marker integration.

GI 275 Instrument Consolidation

Instrument Consolidation

As your primary flight reference instrument, GI 275 features an integrated display to support all the essential readouts — attitude, altitude, airspeed and heading.

GI 275 Edge to Edge Display

Edge to Edge Display

The bright, high-resolution GI 275 touchscreen is sunlight-readable and maximizes the available space within the instrument panel cutout.

GI 275 Reference Markers

Reference Markers

The GI 275 instrument can support display of selectable references to mark your arrival at a preselected altitude, heading or airspeed. Think overshoot avoidance.

GI ADI Autopilot Integration

ADI Autopilot Integration

With optionally available built-in autopilot interface, GI 275 can provide precise attitude information to drive select autopilots and display flight director command bar cues.

GI 275 Standby ADI

Standby ADI

For select aircraft and glass cockpit systems, GI 275 can function as a standby flight instrument with MFD capability for mapping, traffic, weather and more.

GI 275 Knob or Touch Controls

Knob or Touch Controls

The touchscreen on GI 275 makes accessing its functions a breeze. A traditional concentric knob is also available for those who prefer that style of data input.

GI 275 Navigation Guidance

Navigation Guidance

In addition to primary magnetic heading reference, GI 275 can accept inputs for VOR/LOC and/or GPS course guidance — along with distance and groundspeed indications.

GI 275 Track in All Dimensions

Track In All Dimensions

For climb/descent profiles and approaches, GI 275 can display both vertical and lateral GPS/VOR/LOC course deviation cues, when available.

GI 275 Enhanced HSI

Enhanced HSI

With appropriate nav inputs, GI 275 can optionally add HSI course guidance overlaid on a moving map display with flight plan legs, terrain, weather and more.

GI 275 Complete CDI Solution

Complete CDI Solution

When paired with select VHF Nav radios or GPS navigators, GI 275 can serve as your primary indicator for making, adjusting and tracking course selections.

GI 275 Dual Advantages

Dual Advantages

With dual GI 275 displays as your primary flight instrumentation, reversionary backup capability retains attitude and heading data on the remaining HSI or MFD if an outage should occur.

GI 275 Direct To


For backup or nonprimary nav reference, built-in VFR GPS capability enables convenient Direct-to guidance with position depicted on the moving map display.

GI 275 Multifunction Display

Multifunction Display

When configured as an MFD, GI 275 can serve multiple roles, supporting displays for moving map, traffic, lightning, weather, terrain, radar altimeter, CDI and more.

GI 275 Moving Map

Moving Map

Within the MFD configuration, a dynamic moving map page offers views of terrain features, airports, airspace boundaries, navaids, flight plan routings and more.

GI 275 Traffic and Weather

Traffic and Weather

With select ADS-B “In” datalinks, GI 275 MFD pages will support subscription-free U.S. weather and traffic displays, including TargetTrend™ and TerminalTraffic™ technologies.

GI 275 Animated Nexrad

Animated Nexrad

When paired with an optional GDL® 69 SiriusXM® receiver, the MFD-configured GI 275 offers display capability for satellite weather coverage with graphical NEXRAD imagery.

GI 275 Radar Altimeter

Radar Altimeter

For applications that require precise tracking of aircraft altitude above the terrain, GI 275 can provide display capability for select radar altimeters, including the Garmin GRA™ altimeter series.

GI 275 Wireless Data Streaming

Wireless Data Streaming

Use built-in wireless connectivity to share data between the GI 275 and compatible mobile apps. Import databases. Stream weather, traffic, attitude information, EIS and more.

GI 275 Engine Information System

Engine Information System

With optional interface module and sensors, GI 275 can serve as a primary EIS display for piston engine, fuel, electrical and other data. Use dual GI 275 displays to monitor twin-engine aircraft.

GI 275 EGT CHT Monitoring

EGT/CHT Monitoring

Graphical display of cylinder head and exhaust gas temperatures allows you to pinpoint the optimal fuel/air mixture for efficient power management.

GI 275 Lean Assist Mode

Lean Assist Mode

This function of the Garmin EIS automatically checks the EGT of all cylinders and identifies your preferred rich/lean setting to balance efficiency and performance.

GI 275 Integrated Fuel Computer

Integrated Fuel Computer

In addition to fuel quantity, the Garmin EIS monitors fuel flow and GPS information to estimate how much fuel, range and flight time you have left to go at current settings.

GI 275 Exceedances Alerting

Exceedances Alerting

With EIS on your GI 275, color-coded pilot alerts/advisories help maintain engine performance and safety. Flashing cues quickly identify out-of-limit exceedances.

GI 275 Automatic Data Logging

Automatic Data Logging

EIS data on the GI 275 electronic display is automatically logged and available for wireless Connext® streaming to your mobile device — with automatic cloud storage in the® website.

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Danny SantiagoDirector of Avionics
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Eric SmithMRO Technical Sales Manager