Garmin EIS TXi

Protect your investment, and maximize efficiency from your turboprop engine with EIS TXi. This primary engine monitoring solution provides graphical readouts as well as pilot-friendly tools and calculations in a variety of configurations to fit your panel and budget. A single 10.6” TXi display can accommodate PFD information, a multifunction display (MFD) and a vertical EIS strip. And the 7” portrait format can act as dedicated EIS display. Each makes it easy to see and analyze the critical engine, fuel and electrical parameters that can help you maintain the best, most efficient performance from your aircraft.

  • Initially available for select PT-6 equipped turboprop singles, including Cessna 208/208B, Daher TBM 700/850 and Piper PA46 310P/350P JetPROP
  • Primary engine indications can be viewed as an integrated engine indication system (EIS) strip on a 10.6” G500 TXi/G600 TXi display or on a stand-alone 7” portrait display
  • Enables aircraft-specific tailoring of instrumentation inputs for engine, fuel, oil, electrical and other vital sensor data
  • Dynamic gauge range markings automate color-coded data bands based on the aircraft’s current condition, with automatic timers and exceedance warnings
  • EIS data is automatically logged and can be wirelessly transmitted to the Garmin Pilot™ app on your mobile device1 or saved to an SD™ card for analysis

From a single display to a full suite installation comprising of four displays, the modular, building block design of the TXi system supports an impressive array of PFD/MFD/EIS functions and formats. With TXi, we’re excited to bring a suite of scalable flight displays that fit the panel and mission of a wide range of aircraft on the market today.

Carl Wolf, Garmin VP of Aviation Sales & Marketing
The Garmin EIS TXi system features bright, sunlight-readable displays and large, prominent engine gauges that provide real-time indications in an easy-to-read format — with dynamic gauge range markings that automate color-coded pointers and data bands for torque, prop RPM, Ng percent and interstage turbine temperature based on the aircraft’s current condition. So, you have clear visual cues to indicate normal operating ranges and cautions. Function gauges and indicators also include oil pressure and temperature as well as fuel flow and electrical system status. And in case of an actual exceedance event, each out-of-limit parameter is highlighted with a flashing indication on the screen to compel immediate attention.
On engine start, an automatic timer begins counting the duration of starter engagement, so pilots know when a starter cool-down period is required. If the engine is not started and the starter is disengaged, another timer automatically counts down from zero to indicate the time that the starter is being allowed to cool.

Furthermore, with integrated gauge limit timers, EIS TXi ensures that pilots operate within specific limits for minimum time to avoid exceedances and costly maintenance. Once a limit is reached, a countdown timer is displayed to help catch the pilot’s attention and provide an opportunity to reconfigure the aircraft to mitigate the exceedance. If any time-based limit is exceeded, the pilot is notified in-flight of duration and highest value of exceedance to help decide whether to discontinue the current flight or proceed to the destination. Once back on the ground, the pilot is reminded of the exceedance; flight data can be reviewed immediately, and/or off-loaded for the maintenance team to diagnose next steps.

The EIS TXi system’s integrated fuel computer offers the ability to enter and display fuel management calculations. When you stop to refuel the aircraft, just update the entry for the total amount of fuel available in the tanks. You can also use quick-select “full fuel” and “fuel to tabs” buttons to enter those preset amounts. Once airborne, the system monitors your fuel flow and GPS information to estimate how much fuel, range and flight time you have left at the current settings — as well as how much fuel and endurance you’ll have left upon reaching your destination.
To help you maintain control over aircraft maintenance and operating costs, built-in engine data logging capability is included with EIS TXi. Aircraft engine performance and exceedance analysis data are automatically monitored and stored on an SD™ card within an EIS display. When the EIS TXi system is paired with a Flight Stream 510 wireless gateway — either through an EIS-capable TXi display or a GTN™ 650 or GTN 750 navigator — the data can be wirelessly transmitted to the Garmin Pilot app running on your compatible tablet or smartphone. Upon landing, the EIS data is then wirelessly uploaded to the flyGarmin® website and is stored securely within the app and on flyGarmin. By either means, this recorded data can be retrieved and used by your aircraft service technicians to identify performance issues or maintenance needs in time to help avert more costly repairs later. In addition, both engine and flight cycles are counted to help automate maintenance of the aircraft systems that depend on these values — including pressurization systems and other life-limited parts — to maintain safe operation of the engine and airframe.
With its intuitive touchscreen interface and flexible configuration options, EIS TXi offers a comprehensive engine monitoring solution for your aircraft’s glass cockpit system upgrade. With installation approval available for Cessna 208/208B, Daher TBM 700/850 and Piper PA46 310P/350P JetPROP aircraft, EIS TXi is ready to bring enhanced fuel management, improved engine efficiency, advanced maintenance diagnostics and a host of other safety tools to your single-engine turboprop aircraft.
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