The organization is comprised of 37 of the industries most established and respected new and pre-owned aircraft dealers along with an Associated membership comprised of 42 of the industries best aviation service providers. Each spring the organization holds an annual conference of the full membership to discuss the state-of-the-industry that leaves us all either encouraged or discouraged.

I’m more encouraged about the future then ever! Each of the aircraft dealers and industry service providers that attended were “cautiously optimistic” and reported an increase in overall business from the previous years. Several of the dealers in attendance actually reported that 2012 was the best sales year in their long history!

While it appears several aircraft models are very slow to sell, there are equally as many models that are experiencing brisk domestic sales. The data research firm Amstat reported that 13% of the jet market and only 8.2% of the pre-owned turboprop market is actively “For Sale.” These numbers represent a significant improvement since the economic down-turn we experienced in 2008. Our own research has revealed the difficulty locating pristine aircraft at fire sale price. Today’s prices of most makes and models are still below the 2007 industry high watermark. It’s encouraging for the dealer community to find the actual inventory levels declining and doesn’t take an economist to see the declining inventories of pre-owned aircraft will soon yield increased prices.

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