Imagine this: Your HondaJet touches down in beautiful Key West as you begin a serene island getaway. However, an unforeseen encounter on the tarmac alters your plans.

As your aircraft taxis towards the FBO, it unintentionally ingests FOD (Foreign Object Debris) from the taxiway, causing an engine warning to illuminate on the panel. You shut down the engines and disembark to discover visible damage to one of the engine’s fan blades and debris within the exhaust nozzles…

Unfortunately, this is no tale. This incident happened to a customer, and it left them feeling stressed and a long way from help.

Fortunately, the aircraft owner promptly reached out to Banyan HondaJet Maintenance for assistance. In response, we immediately dispatched a technician to Key West equipped with a borescope to inspect the damage.

Upon examination, the HondaJet technician discovered extensive damage within the engine. The damage from the FOD had left the blades impaired. Within hours, we assembled a team of two additional technicians to join our tech in Key West. The team loaded Banyan’s AOG mobile vehicle with HondaJet specialized tools and headed south down A1A.

Key West International Airport Sign

Collaborating with a trusted local vendor, we were able to procure additional equipment, including forklifts. Recognizing the urgency of minimizing the aircraft’s downtime, we arranged for a loaner engine to be shipped directly to Key West. The technicians removed the damaged engine and installed the loaner, enabling the HondaJet owner to maintain aircraft usage while the damaged engine was being repaired.

After a month of flying with the loaner engine, the HondaJet returned to Banyan where the repaired and overhauled original engine was waiting.

Because of the HondaJet’s unique ability to get in and out of smaller airports, closer to homes and places of business, our technicians occasionally find themselves traveling to remote locations. And nobody complained about working five days in Key West.

This adventure not only exemplifies Banyan’s unwavering commitment to HondaJet owners but also signifies the exceptional opportunities that await A&P mechanics within our HondaJet maintenance team. Joining our team enables you to engage in thrilling projects, sometimes in exotic locations, where each task presents a chance for personal growth and achievement.

Whether you are a HondaJet owner seeking unparalleled service or an A&P mechanic looking for an opportunity to work on the world’s most advanced light jet, rest assured that we are poised to make your aspirations take flight. Even amidst the serene shores of Key West, we stand ready to deliver excellence.