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Volume Eighteen - Issue III - Winter - 2020
      Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport           Banyan Approach is a quarterly publication for our customers, vendors and friends.

                      Focus On All You Have To Be Thankful For

     As an essential business, we have not  customers move forward has been  Our team has long ago shifted
     missed a beat this year. Sure, sales  communication. Whenever there  from the thought of working for
     have been off but, working as a team,  is change, there is complexity, and  the company to working for our
     we’ve been more united than ever.  complexity is the enemy of clarity. No  customers. We are grateful for having
     Relationships with customers –grew  matter how smart or talented you are,  so many wonder ful customers
     stronger than ever. Training and  you can’t do it alone. It pays to listen  and vendors supporting our team
     preparation for the future – more than  to others because everyone you meet  and having teammates that stand
     ever. Investment into tooling, facility,  is better than you at something. Our  ready to offer legendary service in
     and workspace – greater than ever.  teammates and customers shared  every department. Thank you for
     This year has been one of resetting  numerous ideas on how to keep one  your business and
     and preparing for the future while  another virus-free. We customized  friendship.
     keeping our teammates and guests  our service on an individual basis
     safe.                                  as customers taxied into Banyan for  Happy New Year, and
                                            fuel or arrived for a maintenance  may God continue to
     The single biggest component  inspection or avionics installation.            Bless America!
     that has helped our team and                                                                           Don Campion
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