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Volume Eighteen - Issue I- Spring - 2020
      Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport           Banyan Approach is a quarterly publication for our customers, vendors and friends.
                    Can we Push a Re-start Button for 2020?

     We started the new decade with optimism  truth and accurate information, 2) work   looks forward to serving you
     and excitement with record highs in  as a team in formulating the plan, new   again soon.
     the stock market almost weekly, record  standards, checklists, schedules, and               Don Campion
     employment rates, increase in sales,  new best practices, 3) If teammates are                 President
     increase in business, and the Super  coming to work, what is the purpose of
     Bowl in our back yard. The new year  them being at work, and what needs to get
     showed tremendous promise, and I heard  done? And 4) communicate clearly and
     comments like, “the roaring 20s are  continuously daily. Getting through this
     back.”                                 “global event” requires sacrifice on each
                                            person’s part and rational, not fear-driven
     Then, like a hurricane in distant lands, a  decisions. At the time of this writing,
     storm that few would think they needed  a 200-bed temporary hospital is being
     to be concerned about oceans away, the  built beside the airport, and the number
     coronavirus COVID-19, struck. It is hard  of those infected in the city is jumping
     to believe that it would be necessary for  exponentially. Yes, that can drive
     the city to close beaches, restaurants,  fear, but it also gives comfort due to
     sporting events, and all non-essential  forethought and preparation.
     businesses, especially during spring
     break. Still, we have learned quickly from  As the citizens of this great
     other countries and cities that this is the  country unite and millions pray
     best way to fight this virus.          for the sick and God’s protection
                                            over our families, we will soon
     As Banyan braced for daily, changing  start over more unified, and
     mandates from the city, state, and federal  with an increased ability to
     authorities, we promised our team that  combat future viruses. Having
     we would communicate with them daily.  weathered the “storm,” our team
     Keeping the six-foot rule, we conduct
     shift meetings in the hangar, and at the
     end of every day, our people relations
     department and I e-mail an update. As
     businesses were shutting down the first
     week, we were becoming busier with
     chartered aircraft transporting elderly
     South Florida visitors home.

     I found these to be the keys to leadership
     during this time: 1) be the source of
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