After our lunch at Sammy T’s, and our side trip to The Hermitage, we drove back to Fernandez Bay Village.  We were in the Coconut Palm Cottage, very close to the beach and surrounded by beautiful landscaping.  There was a convenient little pan by the entry way to wash away sand from our feet before entering.  The outside was stone construction and inside to our great surprise was all stone construction also.  Very, very unique.  We had a comfy queen size bed, an overhead fan and an air conditioning unit.  The bathroom was also a surprise.  The shower area had an open ceiling and we could see the trees and sky.  Loved That!

Before dinner, we spent time enjoying the sun, warm water and kayaking.  Cocktail hour was complete with a visit to the honor bar and reading the unusual drink recipes.  Delicious conch fritters and other appetizers were served, followed by a dinner of grouper, chicken, cabbage casserole and more.  A rake and scrape band provided lively entertainment.

Here’s an exterior photo of our cottage.

We really enjoyed our stay here and wished we had more time to enjoy the beautiful beach. 

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Stay tunded for our next blog our last Island – Abaco. N.B.