Will CASP cover Service Bulletin upgrades?

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Collins Aerospace will incorporate reliability Service Bulletins issued for Collins equipment at no additional charge to you, where there is no change to fit/form/or function. Other upgrades like TCAS II or ADS-B, are service bulletins that change the form/fit/function of the unit (and change the part number), adding new functionality and require associated aircraft certification.

What does the program exclude?

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Program Exclusions: Damage not related to normal installation and operation (ie: Customer-induced damage) Cost of upgrades that alter form/fit/function (ie: TCAS 7.1, ADS-B, CPDLC, FANS, etc) Courier services, customs, duty charges Obsolescence upgrades (equipment replacement) Removal, Refit, RVSM Labor reimbursement (Essential Only) Troubleshooting labor reimbursement (CASP & Essential)

Is shipping covered under CASP?

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Yes, CASP covers shipping both ways. International shipping costs shall not exceed $600 US per occurrence. The following is not covered: International shipping for CASP Essential, customs and duty fees, courier fees, counter-to-counter fees, early AM delivery fees, brokerage fees, taxes and other related fees or charges.

What if my aircraft is sold?

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Your CASP contract is transferable with no cost to you. The information needed includes: Company name and address of the new owner Contact name Phone number E-mail address Once Collins is notified of an aircraft sale, a contract transfer email, along with a copy of the current contract, will be sent to the new owner for [...]

How does my CASP contract work?

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When you have a Collins Aerospace Authorized Dealer provide the removal, replacement and return to service labor for the no-charge exchange Equipment, you will be reimbursed for labor at the then- current labor hours and rates set forth in the contract between Collins and the Collins Authorized Dealer.

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