Aaron Abbot of Covington Aircraft, Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Egbe Update Now in the 3rd year of rebuilding 12 houses, the water supply, the electrical grid and the core buildings of the hospital, Banyan’s president and project leader, Don Campion and his wife Sueanne just returned from another trip to this very rural revitalization project in Nigeria.

This last trip was even more special as six company CEO’s, Executive Directors and senior leaders were added to those joining Don to see the project first hand to determine how they can use their circle of influence to assist in the construction, recruiting staff and re-equipping the hospital. It does not take long to fall in love with the community that shows their appreciation to the teams by meeting them with drummers and singing followed by gifts of chickens, bananas, water, peanuts and local clothing.


Ken McKenzie, Airbus Americas SVP

Those living in Egbe and the surrounding villages are thrilled at the promise of having the hospital once again functioning at a high level. Some of the volunteers that have made the long trip to assist include aviation colleagues that you will recognize in the photos.

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