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ThrustSense® Live Demo
April 4th & 5th
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The days of airliners and business jets being the only aircraft with the ability to use autothrottles are over.    ThrustSense®, a next generation autothrottle by Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S), can now be adapted to virtually all PT6 powered aircraft.

ThrustSense is an unprecedented full regime Autothrottle System that allows a pilot to automatically control the power setting of the engine; controlling appropriate power levels, providing engine protection, reducing pilot workload and enhancing safety.

“Autothrottle is the last remaining piece of the automation puzzle that can extend the full complement of safety benefits, including flight-envelope protection, to general aviation airplanes, where single-pilot operations put a special emphasis on the need for workload reduction — especially in busy airspace such as we found ourselves.”
— Stephen Pope, Flying Magazine

Features & Benefits

  • FADEC Like Engine Protection
  • Vmc Protection Thrust Control (Dual Engine)
  • Automatic Torque Control
  • Airspeed Hold
  • Under/Over Speed Protection
  • Take Off and Go Around Mode
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • RTA Speed Management
  • Turbulence Penetration Auto Speed
  • Increased Range/Endurance
  • Air Transport Quality
  • Reduced Pilot Workload
  • Easy Installation – Minimum Modifications to Existing Flight Deck
Live Demo in PC12 or King Air 350

IS&S is bringing their PC12 and King Air 350 to Banyan on April 4th and 5th to give ground and flight demonstrations of their ThrustSense® Autothrottle. In order to participate, you must use the form below to RSVP the day, time and aircraft you prefer. Each demo will take approximately an hour and a half (total ground and flight time).

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    King Air 350Pilatus PC12

    Thursday, April 4th

    N/A9AM - 11:30AM11:30AM - 1:00PM1:00PM - 2:30PM2:30PM - 4:00PM

    Friday, April 5th

    N/A9AM - 11:30AM11:30AM - 1:00PM1:00PM - 2:30PM2:30PM - 4:00PM

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