As the revitalization of Egbe Hospital in Nigeria forges ahead full steam, it is wonderful to report that we ended 2014 right on target. See the photo of the completed main building and even more exciting the arrival of 15 construction, mechanical and medical missionaries from the USA and Canada offering their service for at least 2 years.

A local chief donates land for a grass runway.


The revitalization of the hospital has sparked the community to do their part and they have put their influence and funds together in order to repair and pave the roads within the small town. To our complete surprise…land was donated by a local chief and the trees and shrubs cleared in order to make a 4000 foot grass landing strip.

Looking forward to aircraft coming to Egbe.




When asked where an aircraft would come from, they simply said, the hospital has been re-quipped with new medical equipment, new buildings have been built so I know you will find an airplane to take the place of the 7 hour drive from the main city.


We look forward to that day although at this time it is not in the budget. Through many donors and partners the hospital is quickly headed toward self sustainability serving the medical needs of thousands in this very rural area that would otherwise not have the care.

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