If you had an accident, fell from a palm tree while harvesting coconuts, contracted malaria or were bit by a snake, what does one do if the closest hospital is 3 hours away over horrible roads full of washouts and potholes? The answer to that question is what inspired Banyan’s president, Don Campion and his wife Sueanne to jump into action in the rebuilding of Egbe Hospital located in the bush in Nigeria.


The main hospital building is going up quick



As the Revitalization Project Leader, Don is working along-side SIM, Samaritan’s Purse and World Medical Mission for the 3rd year constructing new hospital buildings, updating the house for medical staff, building a water reservoir and purification system for the hospital, shipping medical equipment and recruiting doctors, nurses, maintenance and construction personal to live and work at the hospital.

There are several American families living there, numerous volunteers that have come from the USA and Canada.  Don and Sueanne join them 3 times a year with groups that always include a Banyan teammate. On the hospital compound they are manufacturing cement blocks, building our furniture and fabricating roof trusses as they rebuild the compound. To learn more about this great project: www.egbehospital.org.