For the past nine years with the help of churches, missions, individuals, and organizations, Banyan has been leading the revitalization, rebuilding, re-equipping, and staffing of Egbe Hospital in a very rural location in Nigeria.

The hospital, maintenance center, and housing portion of the 33-acre mission station are complete, and it has been one year since the commencement of the rebuilding of the School of Nursing and Midwifery. The progress to date has been fantastic. We are excited about the project because the 150 nurses in training assist with patient care at the hospital, and the level of training they receive at the school is among the best in Nigeria. It is rewarding to know that when the new dorms and the remodeling of the classrooms, library, study hall, and the dining hall is complete, the school will receive full accreditation. The school will graduate 40 nurses a year that will return to their villages and serve as medical professionals, which is a huge asset to the country as a whole.

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Don Campion
Egbe Hospital & Nursing School Revitalization Project Leader