If you take the total number of systems sold as an indicator of popularity, Raisbeck’s Dual Aft Body Strakes are the most popular performance system in the Raisbeck arsenal for making a great airplane—Beechcraft’s King Air—even better.

INCLUDING OEM SALES of systems installed on new King Airs coming off the Wichita production line, the three top sellers of 2011 to date are, in order:
1. Dual Aft Body Strakes
2. Wing Lockers
3. Ram Air Recovery System

One might conclude that, because strakes and lockers have been factory-standard equipment since 2001 and 2004, respectively, those two systems would ‘naturally’ enjoy top-seller status. And now that the new King Air 250s are all being equipped with Raisbeck’s Ram Air Recovery System, one should expect it to be among the Big Three.

To King Air owners and operators, DUAL AFT BODY STRAKES

[DABS] offer an unmatched benefit-to-cost ratio. What else can you do to improve a King Air for around $20K that increases performance, improves handling, enhances passenger comfort, and modernizes the look of your King Air? Indeed, strakes were the first performance system to be adopted by the factory as standard equipment on all new 350-series King Airs.



WING LOCKERS [CWLS] represent excellent utility and value as well. It’s no wonder they take second place on the sales list. FAA-certified to carry 600 pounds of cargo in 16 cubic feet of external, watertight space, they return the cabin to your passengers, keeping aisles and seats clear and uncluttered. Many operators use the right locker to store airplane gear and their own luggage, reserving the left locker for easy loading and unloading of passenger luggage as they board and deplane. Moreover, the lockers handle skis, snowboards and other equipment that are too large to legally carry inside.

RAISBECK POWER PROPS [TFPS] deliver better thrust, overall performance and value than any other available King Air propeller. The props are often purchased by King Air owners when it’s time to overhaul or replace their OEM props. Noted for their quietness and virtually vibrationless operation, they meet the most stringent noise regulations around the globe. Plus, operators enjoy trouble-free operation between the 6-year, 4,000 hour overhauls.

Raisbeck’s RAM AIR RECOVERY SYSTEM [RARS] significantly increases climb and cruise performance in both normal and anti-ice operation modes. Because RARS reduces torque loss with ice vanes deployed, and can be deployed for all ground, take off and landing operations, the system offers excellent protection against foreign object damage (FOD)—even when using dirt and gravel airfields.

The ideal combination of Raisbeck Performance Systems is, of course, EPIC PLATINUM + LOCKERS. By deliberate design, EPIC performance is greater than the sum of the contributions of the separately available systems.

These and other King Air upgrades are available at Banyan Air Service.
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