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With so many FMS/GPS/NAV/COM options on the market, it can be difficult (not to mention confusing) to know which flight management system offers the best features.  More importantly, GPS navigator best suits your flying style, upgrade needs, and budget.

It should be noted not all GPS navigators are built the same. Some offer more special features and capabilities while others are simple and only offer the basics. To help you make a more informed decision, below is a breakdown of the most unique features of the Avidyne IFD5-Series and what makes this powerful flight management system a true FMS.

Unique features of the IFD5-Series

Hybrid Touch is an amalgamation of both touchscreen and knobs and buttons. This exclusive feature Is not only unique to the IFD Series but it’s also popular among pilots. Many pilots prefer knobs and buttons for frequent pilot actions especially in turbulent weather when touchscreen can become difficult to manage. Pilots have the capability to perform virtually all the same functions via the touchscreen interface or using the knobs and buttons. Additionally, the IFDs offer multi-touch functionalities such as pinch-zoom, map panning, and graphical flight plan editing that can be implemented using the touchscreen, or knobs and buttons depending on the pilot’s phase of flight.

Avidyne GLAS technology LPV SBAS

Avidyne’s exclusive GLAS™ (GPS Legacy Aviation System) technology is a highly integrated, simple to install method of enabling legacy pre-WAAS EFIS flight decks to fly GPS approaches with vertical guidance. It has different configurations appropriate for most legacy EFIS flight decks including Pro Line 21 and Primus 1000.Installing IFDs with GLAS technology provides ADS-B position data as well as being the least expensive, quickest, and most functional way to add LPV capability to these legacy EFIS aircraft. GLAS tightly integrates with either the internal VHF of our IFD550 or the external VHF provided in some configurations using the IFD545 to seamlessly switch the EFIS and autopilot ILS input to GPS with vertical guidance. There are appropriate annunciations and reversion mode considerations in each installation.

3D Synthetic Vision

All IFDs are equipped with Avidyne’s beautiful  3D Synthetic Vision (SVS) for improved situational awareness. SVS is fully integrated and requires no additional boxes or wires.

All IFD systems offer Terrain Awareness capability which can be displayed over the color-contoured terrain base map for easy pilot recognition of an imminent encounter with nearby terrain.

For an even greater measure of safety, Forward Looking Terrain Alerting (FLTA) actively projects the aircraft’s flight track in time to determine whether a collision with terrain or obstacles is imminent. Caution Alerts are provided when a collision with terrain is projected within approximately 60 seconds, and Warning Alerts are provided for terrain projected within approximately 30 seconds.

The IFD uses standard high, low, and grouping symbology with clearly depicted obstacles using color-coded threat levels based on threat levels on the SVS display. 3D Traffic uses standard traffic symbology with traffic depictions indicating relative threat level by their size and relative altitude and bearing. As traffic draws nearer to you, the traffic symbols grow in size on the IFD screen.

Airfields are depicted with a METAR-style flag when in field of view. With valid METAR data from your datalink, airfield flags will be color-coded to represent the ceiling and visibility, consistent with the moving map presentation.

Electronic Approach Charts

The IFD5-Series includes CMax™ Approach Charts & Airport Diagrams. Utilizing Jeppesen’s Jeppview® charts subscription services, CMax provides worldwide approach charts and a database of over 6,000 airport diagrams, most of which are geo-referenced, allowing for the display of your own-ship and flight plan position right on the chart or airport diagram. IFD5-Series also supports optional European VFR (Bottlang) Charts for over 2,200 airports in 29 European countries.

Integrated Bluetooth and WiFi

Avidyne’s IFD-Series, ATLAS, and HEIOS are the only flight management systems in aviation that offer both built-in Bluetooth® and WiFi. This unique feature allows you to connect your IFD, ATLAS or HELIOS to your Apple iPad providing access to ForeFlight, Flt.com (or other third-party EFBs) including Avidyne’s exclusive IFD100 iPad app. The IFD100 App mirrors all functions of the IFD and acts as an additional instance.  You can edit your flight plan, monitor your map for ADS-B weather & traffic (with the Avidyne SkyTrax ADS-B In solutions), and view pages independently.  The IFD and IFD100 app are cross-synced.  Whatever task you perform on one platform, it will automatically be performed on the other.  Pro tip: Input your flight plan prior to take-off using the IFD100 app.   Once the IFD is powered on with WiFi/Bluetooth enabled, your flight plan will automatically load to the IFD FMS/GPS/NAV/COM saving you valuable time and reduced pilot workload.  IFD100 App is a FREE download from the App Store.

FOQA PhoneView

One of the newest features of the IFD Series, including the dzus-mount ATLAS and HELIOS, is FOQA Flight Data. Avidyne has the only FMS/GPS navigators on the market that have integrated flight data analysis capability. No longer limited to just commercial and military aviation, the business aviation community can now take advantage of FOQA flight data analysis, or flight data monitoring, to improve pilot performance and safety. This intelligence program allows pilots the opportunity to evaluate their performance, spot trends quickly and easily from their smart device so pilots can take corrective action before a serious incident can occur.

More Info: Avidyne IFD550

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