Maria Canon, Chief Executive Officer, and Vinny Billisi, Operations manager, of Airborne Systems Flight School are passionate about aviation. They have trained over 1,000 students and have issued over 3,000 certifications and ratings since opening in 1992. Their FAA-141 approved training facility is a Cessna Training Center that focuses on safety, individual needs and has an unparalleled state-of-the-art pilot training program. Their training standards result in their students being recruited for airline positions and other major pilot careers.

While they have students ranging from the casual pilot to career pilots, they are recognized as a professional training school for full program students.

“We are a boutique school and don’t try to fit everyone into the same training box. All our training is conducted on a one-on-one basis,” says Vinny. “Our commitment is to provide individual attention and customized training according to individual needs because flight training is rarely one-size-fits-all. Students learn at different rates and that’s okay because the results are safer, smarter and more disciplined pilots.”

Training students to high standards depends on the instructors and Airborne has 11 hand-picked instructors that must meet extremely high qualifications.

Airborne offers cutting edge technology which provides students with a definite edge. They have 13 training aircraft all alte models (Cessna 172, Cessna 182 and a Diamond DA-42) that are all technically advanced aircraft (TAA) with G1000 cockpits. They also use computer multi-media programs for training, have 3 Red Bird simulators and also have MFD simulators.

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