National Aviation Day – Here’s 7 Ways To Celebrate

What is National Aviation Day? Established in 1939 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, this holiday was issued a presidential proclamation designating the anniversary of Orville Wright’s birthday to be the day where the growth in aviation should be celebrated. The Wright brothers were two American inventors and aviation pioneers, credited with inventing and building the world’s first successful airplane and making the first controlled powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight on December 17, 1903.

Join us at Banyan Air Service (FXE) for some delicious treats. Not in Florida? Here are some other ways you can celebrate this aviation holiday!

1. Take A Ground School Course

flight school classroom

You can learn a lot about flying without being in the air. Whether your dream is to become a pilot or you’re just an aviation enthusiast that wants to know more about piloting an aircraft, you can take various online ground school courses to enhance your knowledge. Here are some options.

2. Begin the Course of Obtaining a Private Pilot License


Tired of being on the ground and only getting to take off in flight simulators? It’s time to start your journey towards becoming a pilot. There are several flight schools located right here at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Check our Banyan FXE Directory for listings.

3. Visit An Aviation Museum


Many aviation museums are hosting free events on National Aviation Day. Take advantage of the holiday to explore some local museums and see what exhibits each location offers. It’s the perfect way to get an interactive, hands-on aviation history lesson. Here’s a list of some museums divided into states. We recommend the Wings Over Miami museum right here in South Florida!

4. Build a Paper Airplane or Buy a Model Airplane

hondajet airplane model

We all remember being inspired to fold a paper airplane and watching it soar across the room. Tap into your inner child and build on to celebrate this holiday. Here are some different ways of folding an epic paper airplane. Not very crafty? Don’t worry! Our Pilot Shop as many different aircraft models for you to showcase in your office or home.

5. Take a Flight to Somewhere New

bahamas flight photo

If you already have your pilot’s license, take a break and go flying! If you’re still a novice, check which cities currently have discounted tickets and explore a place you’ve never traveled to. Go visit a friend in California or take the kids to NYC, just for the weekend to celebrate! Willing to be a daredevil? Find a local helicopter ride or join someone in a glider.

6. Go Plane Spotting

jet runway cafe

Nothing beats the sound of an airplane flying overhead and the sight of seeing it land on the runway. You don’t have to be in Line Service to experience that. Many airports will have a plane spotting area that is open for the public. At FXE, there is an observation deck where you can view at, rain or shine. Prefer to stay from behind the glass? Grab a bite to eat at Jet Runway Cafe! Located right on the ramp, this unique restaurant offers delicious entrees and a breathtaking view of the runway.

7. Thank Someone Working In Aviation

line service technician

Whether its a pilot who got you to your destination safely, a dispatcher that went out of their way to make your trip comfortable or a line service teammate that catered to all your needs, each person plays a big role in your safety and happiness. Thank them for their services, on this day and every day. Without them, we would never be able to enjoy to beauty of flying.

7. Find a Local Aviation Club to Join


There are a lot of passionate aviation enthusiasts and pilots that love to get together and fly, network and just have fun. This is a great way to explore what options are out there for someone who is on any level of flying and most are budget-friendly to join. We recommend Millennial Wings.

However you decide to celebrate National Aviation Day, share a photo with us by tagging #BanyanAirService!