A Smile Through the Tears – Yadissa’s Story

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Although many lives were devastated by the earthquake that struck Haiti in January, those who survived it faced additional challenges. A young 11-year old girl named Yadissa was one of those who survived, and this is her story. Yadissa and her family survived the earthquake, but because of the destruction around them, they had to [...]

Thanks to Twin Commander Aircraft LLC for the Below Comment

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A nice compliment in the Twin Commander March Fleet Briefing. "BANYAN AT CENTER OF HAITAIN RELIEF EFFORTS Banyan Air Service, a Twin Commander authorized service center at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, has been a focal point of general aviation Haitian relief efforts. Immediately after the earthquake Banyan President Don Campion offered Banyan’s help in 24-hour [...]

C.A.R.E Continues to Care – Ruthnie’s Story

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C.A.R.E (Corporate Aviation Responding in Emergencies) has done so much to assist with the Haiti relief, providing over 1,000,000 lbs of supplies and around the clock flight coordination, and although they have many success stories that will draw on your heart strings, this is just one of those stories. While on a relief mission to [...]

A Haiti update from Jim Parker of Caribbean Flying Adventures.

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Jim Parker is a friend of Banyan and frequently flys out of Banyan. Dear Fellow Pilots, Two of the more active "hubs" for organizing Haitian relief flights by private aviation volunteers are shutting down:  Bahamas Habitat has ended it's operation in Nassau and Go-Ministries in Santiago, Dominican Republic is shutting down it distribution/coordination center.  I [...]

Thanks to FltPlan.com for the Below Comment

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A nice compliment from FltPlan.com- "Thanks to Banyan Air Services for Relief Efforts in Haiti We at FltPlan.com wanted to give special recognition to the efforts of Banyan Air Services at FXE. They have been the heart of the Haiti relief efforts by the general aviation community. It has been a true pleasure to work [...]

Working Together Accomplishes More

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Banyan is proud to be working together with numerous other organizations to help provide relief for Haiti.  Robin Eissler of Corporate Aircraft for Relief Efforts (CARE) is coordinating more than 400 aircraft volunteering lift free of charge.  Windsor Jet is coordinating and warehousing pallets of supplies for flights to Haiti and Banyan provides 24 hour [...]

Donations Requested

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Aircraft leaving Banyan for Haiti need donations of medical supplies, rice, beans, other food, water, sheets, towels, tents, tarps, flashlights. If you would like to help, bring your donations to Banyan by Tuesday, 1/19/10.

Haiti Relief Efforts

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Our company, Banyan Air Services, Inc. at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport is a 24-hr operation. We fuel, hangar, perform maintenance, assist passengers and crews with rental cars and hotel accommodations. We provide all services for business/personal aircraft. These last few days we have provided storage, assisted with ground support, loading and coordination of numerous business [...]

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