Bahamas FAM Trip 2010 – Friday 8-27-10

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By Chloé Foster Today was the second day of the Bahamas FAM trip, and everyone met for breakfast around 7:30. Greg Rolle held a quick pilot’s de-briefing to prepare us for the next leg of the trip. He went over flight plans and requirements to ensure that all the pilots had everything they needed. After [...]

The Caribbean Air Challenge

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Since 2001 the International Air Rally team has put together some of the largest International Air Rallies in North America, the most recent being the Governor General’s International Air Rally, Caribbean Air Challenge. The Challenge kicked off from Banyan Air Service on April 17. A group of around 57 aviators flew into Banyan over a [...]

Banyan Hosts the First Successful Bahamas Day

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On February 20th Banyan transformed one of its hangars into the look and feel of the Bahamas for the first Annual Bahamas Day. Bahamas Day is an event to educate people on flying to the Bahamas in their own planes or to gather information about charter flights. Over 30 exhibitors participated and were on-sight to [...]

Abaco Beach Resort – Marsh Harbour

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Our final Island on the Bahamas FAM trip was Abaco Island.  We arrived at  Cherokee Air and drove through the town which has one stop light.  We entered a gated resort to find beautiful Abaco Beach Resort. We checked into our rooms and gathered in the lobby area to hear about all the wonderful activities that Abaco has to [...]

Fernandez Bay Village – Cat Island – Bahamas

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After our lunch at Sammy T's, and our side trip to The Hermitage, we drove back to Fernandez Bay Village.  We were in the Coconut Palm Cottage, very close to the beach and surrounded by beautiful landscaping.  There was a convenient little pan by the entry way to wash away sand from our feet before entering.  [...]

The Hermitage – Cat Island

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After leaving Sammy T's we arrived at The Hemitage which was built by Father Jerome.  The group in our van had previously hiked up the 63-meters of Mt. Alvernia to tour The Hermitage, so we took their word that it was a hard hike and without water we'd surely perish.  However, another group ascended Mt. Alvernia [...]

New Bight, Sammy T’s – Cat Island

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Another wonderful day in Paradise as we headed to New Bight.  During our flight, our pilot, Jack, recorded his thoughts on Stella Maris to share with the Baja Bush Pilot members.  I had the opportunity to really pay attention to this roomy Aero Commander and discovered Jack has the best equipment available.  I saw three GPSs and [...]

On to Stella Maris, Long Island

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Bet you can guess where we were headed for next on the FAM trip by the above photo.  The flight from Grand Bahamas to Stella Maris, Long Island was about 2 hours.  It was a smooth ride, and very comfortable in the roomy Aero Commander we were flying in, piloted by Jack McCormick of Baja [...]

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