Gogo Avance L5 Installation on a Challenger 300

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Banyan is happy to announce a very successful first installation of the GOGO Avance L5 System on a Challenger 300. Although avionics installs on 300's is nothing new for Banyan technicians, this one is especially noteworthy. Our whole team came together and completed the removal of interior, installation of the L5 System, [...]

How many business jet pilots will be grounded in 2020?

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Call it grounding by association.  FORTUNE magazine published an article in June, 2017 that states, “A whole lot of corporate planes could soon be grounded.”  Of course, anyone involved in aviation for business or hobby (outside of being a frequent flyer on your favorite airline) probably knows the article is referring to the FAA’s [...]

Which ADS-B Solution is best for you?

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With the FAA's ADS-B Out Mandate on January 1, 2020 quickly approaching, owners need to know which solution is best for their aircraft and the airspace it's flown.  Use the infographic below to determine if your aircraft is required to be ADS-B Out equipped and the solution best for you. (Links shown in the infographic are [...]