Bongiovi Speakerless Audio for Aircraft

Bongiovi Aircraft Speakerless Audio System

High Fidelity State-of-the-Art Audio Performance in a Noisy Cabin Environment

Bongiovi Aviation created an industry-first speakerless in-cabin sound system that is integrated into the interior panel and adapts to various flight conditions, bringing passengers a best-in-class, immersive audio experience throughout the entire cabin.

How it Works: Interior Panels Become the Speakers

Transducers attached to the backside of the aircraft’s interior panels enables Integrated Audio with patented Bongiovi DPS signal processing technology to remaster the music in real-time.  The panels become the speaker of the aircraft.  Bongiovi’s processing allows the system to overcome the background noise of the jet and brings the content of the music or movies up above the noise floor.  This allows the vocals to be heard much more clearly, permitting the Bongiovi audio system to get high fidelity immersive audio in the cabin.


Video | Bongiovi Installation on G550

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