BLR Winglets for King Air

Having a BLR Winglet System on your King Air 90, 200, or 300 will reduce induced drag so you can fly faster or improve your fuel economy or some of both — it’s your choice.

BLR Winglets 33 percent runway reduction
BLR Winglets 50 percent increased climb
  • Reduced Time to Climb
  • Modernized Appearance
  • Improved High Altitude Performance
  • Extended Range
  • Improved OEI Climb
  • Improved Handling Qualities
  • Improved Handling Qualities

  • Increased Hull Value

BLR Winglet

  • BLR Winglets allows for better short field performance.
  • Installing BLR Winglets reduces drag, saves fuel, increases cruise speed and boosts vertical rate of climb while improving handling qualities
  • The drag reduction offers fuel savings or speed increase at cruise
  • Benefits include a climb rate increase in excess of 250 feet per minute (fpm), One Engine Inoperative (OEI) climb increase of 130 fpm, and increase cruise speed of five knots or fuel savings of 3 percent.
  • The BLR Winglet System features an aluminum wing extension, carbon fiber winglet and integrated position, recognition and strobe lighting.
  • The entire winglet system adds only 31 pounds to the weight of the aircraft but increases range through drag reduction.
  • The BLR Winglet System increases the overall wingspan by 3 feet 5 inches.
  • Offers easier access to FL 350 and greatly improved handling qualities above FL 300.
  • In addition, BLR winglets offer a visually appealing aspect to your King Air.
What it is

BLR’s Winglet System for your Beech King Air 90, 200, or 300 is an aluminum wing tip, carbon fiber winglet and integrated position, recognition and strobe lighting. The Winglet System increases overall wingspan by 3 feet 5 inches, providing an increase in wing aspect ratio and a valuable reduction in induced drag.

Installation of the Winglet System can be accomplished in approximately one week and will require paint to match existing color scheme. Extended length de-icing boots are available as an option.

What it does

The Winglet System increases wing aspect ratio to reduce induced drag and allows your King Air 90, 200, or 300 to fly faster on less fuel. In addition, the Winglet acts as a physical pressure barrier, preserving valuable lift at the outboard extremity of the wing

By increasing wing efficiency, the BLR Winglet System provides superior handling qualities during slow flight, OEI and at higher flight levels.

What’s in it for you?

King Air operators around the world are enthusiastic in their praise for BLR Winglet Systems. They tout both the aesthetic and financial benefits. In fact, many operators find that, depending on mission profile, Winglets can reduce fuel consumption by more than 5 percent. Want to know how Winglets can benefit your flight operation? Contact Banyan for more performance details.

BLR Winglets performance charts:

  • King Air 200 – Under Development
  • King Air B200 – Under Development
  • King Air B200C – Under Development
  • King Air B200GT – Under Development
  • King Air 250 – Under Development
  • King Air 300 – Under Development
  • King Air 300 LW – Under Development

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Why choose Banyan for your BLR upgrades?

Banyan Air Service is an authorized BLR dealer in southeast Florida. Our location at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (KFXE) makes Banyan the preferred choice for many United States, South America and European customers. We are an authorized FAA and EASA repair station and we have earned civil aviation approvals for Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, and Venezuela. Our experienced and trained technicians have performed over 20 BLR modifications.

We can minimize your downtime during a BLR upgrade and combine it with maintenance inspections, avionics upgrades, or the mandatory ADS-B installations. When you are ready to improve your King Air’s performance and fuel efficiency, do as your peers do and choose Banyan to provide you with the best service in the industry.

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