BLR LED Lighting System

BLR LED Lighting System

Better, More Reliable Lighting

The BLR LED Lighting System upgrade is a lightweight, high-performance retrofit that provides significant benefits over standard incandescent lights.

Don’t risk having to cancel flights due to bulb failure, BLR LED wingtip lights are extrememly reliable and burn brighter making them highly visible with less flashback when operating in heavy fog or clouds.

The BLR LED Lighting System complements the BLR Winglet System and are certified for installation on a wide range of King Air models.

BLR LED Benefits

  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced power consumption and weight

  • High illumination and a modernized aircraft
  • Long life for improved mission readiness

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Why choose Banyan for your BLR upgrades?

Banyan Air Service is an authorized BLR dealer in southeast Florida. Our location at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (KFXE) makes Banyan the preferred choice for many United States, South America and European customers. We are an authorized FAA and EASA repair station and we have earned civil aviation approvals for Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, and Venezuela. Our experienced and trained technicians have performed over 20 BLR modifications.

We can minimize your downtime during a BLR upgrade and combine it with maintenance inspections, avionics upgrades, or the mandatory ADS-B installations. When you are ready to improve your King Air’s performance and fuel efficiency, do as your peers do and choose Banyan to provide you with the best service in the industry.

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