Being Banyan showcases a teammate each month and features what he or she does that defines Banyan Air Service. We are a company built on great people that set very high standards for our industry. From our executives to aircraft maintenance technicians to technical sales, we would like you to get to know each of Banyan’s Best personally through these teammate spotlights.

We’d like to introduce Charles Amento.


What inspired you to enter the world of aviation?

I was always fascinated with aircraft. As a child, My father would take my brother and I to airshows and airport observation areas. As I grew older, I wanted to find out more about the aviation industry. During my senior year of high school, I enrolled in the technical and flight school at Broward Community College and have been in aviation ever since.


What brought you to Banyan Air Service?

After graduating from BCC, I started working at North Perry Airport for a flight school. After working maintenance for several years I wanted to advance my career and learn more about jet aircraft. I heard a lot of great things about Banyan from customers and fellow technician’s. During the interview and tour of Banyan, I knew that this was where I wanted to be.


How long have you worked at Banyan?

I have been with Banyan for 10 years.


What’s your role at Banyan?
Director of Maintenance.

Do you remember your first day as a Banyan teammate?

My first day at Banyan was very exciting. The knowledge of the team and the friendly environment was nothing I had ever seen before. The team was welcoming and gave me the proper introduction to start off in the right direction.


Charlie started with Banyan as a maintenance technician specializing in Challengers. Currently, he is the Director of Maintenance and has 50 technicians reporting to him. His goal is to foster teamwork through communication, honesty and integrity.