Did you ever wonder how we named the pilot shop Hangar63 (Banyan’s Aviation Store) or wonder why our on-line store is TropicAero.com instead of BanyanPilotShop.com?

Here’s why:

In 1979, Banyan started by providing FBO services and maintenance.  At that time, the Banyan aviation complex consisted of several t-hangars with owners who enjoyed doing their own maintenance.  They would visit Banyan’s maintenance department and ask for wire, oil, spark plugs, and nuts and bolts.  Since Banyan has always believed in providing excellent customer service, these customers were always graciously helped, even though tracking down parts for walk-in customers took time away from Banyan maintenance jobs.

We realized that we needed a little shop away from the maintenance department where we could accommodate the do-it-yourselfers and provide parts and research special orders for our customers.  As a result, in 1989 The Parts Mart was started.

Customers continually asked for more and more pilot supplies, such as maps and accessories and so we began to carry additional items.  Our product offerings grew and eventually we changed our name to Banyan Parts Mart & Pilot Shop to reflect our increased product lines.

In 2007, the Banyan Pilot Shop relocated next door to the new Banyan FBO.  With the plans to make the store a unique aviation experience, it was felt that being called a Pilot Shop was too limiting.  So Hangar63 (Banyan’s Aviation Store) was the answer.  This name change was done to appeal to a larger market segment.  Passengers waiting for flights might not want to visit a pilot shop, but an aviation store with a larger variety of products would appeal to many people, not just pilots.

Also to add to our capabilities, in July 2007, Banyan acquired TropicAero.com.  With this addition, we could now offer a mail-order catalog and on-line store to our customers.

August 2011, Hangar63 (Banyan’s Aviation Store) will be renamed to Banyan Pilot Shop and TropicAero.com will be renamed to www.Banyanpilotshop.net.

This is being done to take advantage of the strength of the Banyan brand.   Customer feedback tells us that having 3 different names and logos (Banyan, Hangar63 and TropicAero.com) is confusing.  They also tell us that the Banyan name is well known and that we should use it to promote both the retail and on-line store.

This makes sense for so many reasons.  First, when people call Hangar63, they immediate ask if they have the Pilot Shop.  Second, advertising will be much easier now that we have our retail store and on-line store named the same.  Third, we’ve felt in our heart that although our store is amazing and offers so much, that in fact it is what it is and that is a Pilot Shop.

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