Banyan Air Service raises the bar on HondaJet support

When it comes to supporting the HondaJet fleet, Banyan sets the standard. Banyan’s massive aviation complex at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport includes a dedicated HondaJet hangar with a HondaJet exclusive maintenance crew.

In the past 12 months, the Banyan MRO team has welcomed more than 350 HondaJet aircraft into their MRO representing 91 individual HondaJet customers. Their HondaJet team has performed more APMG upgrades, 600-hour inspections, and Gogo Wi-Fi upgrades than any other HondaJet Service Center on the planet. In addition to the dedicated MRO team, Banyan Aircraft Sales has the #1 HondaJet sales manager in the world, Michael Gibson, on their team.

“We could not be happier with our growing relationship with HondaJet operators and look forward to continued innovation as we work side by side with Honda Aircraft Company to support the fleet into the future,” says Mike O’Keeffe, Banyan’s senior vice president.