Banyan Air Service is excited to start our 38th year on August 1st and we have a number of big goals we are ready to tackle. As we begin the new year, we took a look back on our many accomplishments in just the last 12 months.

  • Recent maintenance inspections:
    • 7 Falcon
    • 11 Challenger
    • 35 Citation
    • 10 Hawker
    • 15 Learjet
    • 30 King Air
    • 30 Pilatus
    • Plus 25 Avionics Installations
  • We serviced many more Falcons including a 2C inspection.
  • The Banyan Pilot Shop partnered with YouTube vlogger Steveo1kinevo to promote special events and products in the store.
  • Don Campion received the Edward V. Rickenbacker Award by the Greater Miami Aviation Association and was made an Egbe Land Village Chief in Nigeria – Chief Alatunse and Sueanne is the Ye Ye Alatunse – for rebuilding the Hospital.
  • 5 more Banyan teammates graduated from Fosters Working Leadership course.
  • Banyan team won the 2016 American Heart Association Award for our participation in their awareness campaign.
  • Maintenance performed the first Flight into Known Icing (FIKI) modification on a HondaJet.
  • The Banyan Pilot Shop created a magazine to promote the store to new pilots and students in the South Florida area.
  • In January and June, customer support broke the all-time record for Jet-A gallons and combined gallons pumped in one month!
  • A kiosk to promote the pilot shop was built in the terminal’s lobby.
  • Banyan continues to be ranked a top FBO in the ProPilot,, and AIN surveys.
  • For the first time, a group of aircraft departed for Cuba on an Air Journey escorted Fly-In.
  • The old US Customs building has been demolished and removed in preparation for a paint shop in the complex to serve Banyan.
  • Building plans have been finalized and an application for building permits has been made for the Banyan North terminal building. In a few months, 8 new hangars will commence construction on the north side of FXE.
  • Aircraft sales delivered 6 new HondaJets in our southeastern territory.
  • Banyan merged the avionics and maintenance shops under one FAA Repair Station.
  • Our FBO and Technical Service software has undergone enormous upgrades by our 5 person IT Department.
  • Teammates have assumed many of the management positions as Banyan continues to grow.

We are ending this year much stronger than the last. What is our competitive advantage? Our Banyan team.

Our Product is Service. Our Strength is Our People.