Mike O’Keeffe, Brian Wilson, and Paul Rose represented Banyan Air Service at the 10th annual EBACE convention (European Business Aviation Association) held in Geneva, Switzerland.  This is the third year that Banyan has exhibited at this event.

EBACE is the primary business aviation show for all of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and all places in between.  It is a joint event sponsored by the NBAA and the EBAA.  EBACE is a good indicator for business aviation trends in the European marketplace, and it was nice to see that both attendees and exhibitors exceeded last year’s convention on the first day.  The aircraft static area was full with around 65 business aircraft on display, and the over-all feeling of the show was upbeat and positive.

This year, like last year, Banyan teamed up with Duncan Aviation and Fargo Jet Center, all under the umbrella of Avfuel.  We were pleased that Banyan’s recognition as a world class FBO and international gateway has continued to grow. We were pleased to be among the exhibitors and look forward to attending next year with even more to offer!