One Size Fits All?

Selling products where size, fit and comfort are critical elements in the purchasing process is a challenge many e-tailers face every day. In many cases, including shoes and clothing, a person may know the specific size or size range they require — but what about the products that don’t have a specific size? Products where satisfaction is based almost entirely on comfort and fit? What is a product that has these requirements?

Aviation Headsets

For many pilots, their headset is the most important tool in their flight bag. A good aviation headset can be the difference between a great flight or a miserable one. And what makes a “good” aviation headset is based entirely on the individual and not necessarily the technology. Anyone who has flown a cross country wearing a headset with more clamping pressure than their head requires can surely relate. Those are the headaches we will one day tell our grandchildren about.

Now, before I get any negative feedback regarding my “technology” comment, let me say that the two most technically advanced aviation headsets on the market rarely get returned because of a comfort or fit issue. These are the Bose® a20™ and the Lightspeed Zulu.2 aviation headsets. These headsets rely primarily on state-of-the-art sound cancelling and filtering technology rather than clamping pressure to eliminate cockpit noise. Low pressure and their super soft ear seals make these headsets arguably the most comfortable on the planet.

Perfect Fit Program

Banyan Pilot Shop’s online store,, has come up with a program that eases the anxiety and potential stress that may come from purchasing a headset from a website. It’s called the Perfect Fit Program and here’s how it works: Purchase a new headset from their online store and if, for any reason, you’re not absolutely thrilled with it, return it and tell them what you’d like to try instead – as many times as you want until you find your Perfect Fit (see image below taken from the Banyan Pilot Shop website).

The Perfect Fit Program gives pilots peace of mind when purchasing a headset online and will free them up to worry about more important things – like which airport to fly to for lunch!