Airtext Plus - Email, Text and Phone


Stay Connected — Email, SMS Messages, and Phone


It’s as easy as…

Airtext One

A small “paperback” sized FAA-approved Airtext box weighing about 1 pound that is installed on the airplane and connects to the existing iridium phone antenna.

Airtext Two

Up to 16 passengers on the aircraft can connect to the Airtext using BLE (Bluetooth low energy) on their modern mobile phone.

Airtext Three

Passengers download the FREE Airtext mobile app and can seamlessly send and receive text messages while on-board. Messages only cost 5 cents.

Airtext Plus Box

Airtext+ Pricing

  • Hardware:  $16,975
  • Installation:  Starting at $25K for midsize jets
  • Data Plan:  $300 per year for Iridium and Airtext network connection — including the first 500 text messages
  • Additional Messages: 5¢ each
  • Voice Calls:  $1.25 per minute with a pre-paid Iridium sim card
  • Email headers are sent to the airplane and the user selects those to see the body of the text. Price is per header and length of the email message.