Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection Services

Protect your investment and have piece-of-mind

Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection Services

When considering the acquisition of an aircraft, the pre-purchase inspection is a critical step that ensures you are making a well-informed decision. At Banyan, we emphasize the importance of a thorough evaluation, not just for compliance but for your confidence in the aircraft’s condition and performance.

Why Choose Banyan for Your Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection?
Our approach to aircraft pre-purchase inspections goes beyond the standard checks. We recommend an Annual Type inspection, in line with the manufacturer’s recommended criteria, to provide comprehensive guidance and peace of mind. This not only ensures compliance but also reduces potential downtime and keeps your inspection documentation up-to-date.

Key Areas of Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Services:

  • 1
    Comprehensive Aircraft Records Review: We delve into the aircraft’s history, including damage records, MSB and AD compliance, and upcoming maintenance requirements, to give you a clear picture of what to expect and budget for.
  • 2
    Detailed Aircraft Inspection: From engine borescopes, FOD inspections, and fuel leak evaluations to landing gear and cabin pressurization checks, we leave no stone unturned. Our inspections are designed to provide a thorough assessment of the aircraft’s condition.
  • 3
    Avionics and Systems Checks: We conduct full operational checks of avionics equipment and mechanical systems to ensure everything functions as expected, providing an extra layer of security and confidence in your investment.

Safeguard Your Aircraft’s Future:

  • Inspection Solutions: We provide a variety of comprehensive solutions tailored to address issues identified in evaluations, by closely aligning with our customers’ needs, operation objectives, and mission requirements.
  • Enhance and Secure Your Fleet: Offering aircraft/avionics upgrade and obsolescence consultations to future-proof your fleet with detailed quotes.

Enhancing Your Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection Experience:

  • Preparation is Key: Understanding the sales agreement and defining the scope of inspection and records research upfront can save time and prevent headaches later on.
  • Understanding the Sales Agreement: A clear and comprehensive sales agreement is the foundation of a successful transaction and inspection process. It should outline responsibilities, equipment lists, and discrepancy handling procedures.
  • Defining the Physical and Records Scope: Our inspections are tailored to each aircraft, considering its unique aspects and history. We ensure a deep dive into both the physical condition and the documentation to leave no question unanswered.

What Sets Our Inspections Apart?

  • Customized Inspection Plans: Recognizing that each aircraft is unique, we offer several levels of inspection, tailored to the specific needs and concerns of our clients.
  • Expert Guidance Through the Process: Our team is here to guide you through every step of the pre-purchase inspection, ensuring you understand the process, what’s being inspected, and the significance of each finding.

Other options that provide a thorough evaluation of the aircraft’s condition:

  • Damage history
  • MSB and AD compliance
  • 337 and STC compliance
  • Project maintenance due for the coming 12 months/200 hours for budgeting purposes
  • Chapter 4 and 5/life limited components coming due
  • NOTE: If engines are on a program, we would need authorization before performing borescope inspection
  • NOTE: FOD inspections are a visual exterior inspection of the engine inlet and fan area
  • All windows inspected for thickness, scratches, and prism checks when required
  • Perform fuel contamination test for water and microbial growth
  • Top off fuel tanks and leak check per AMM
  • If equipped, remove one each flight surface for corrosion inspection
  • Perform operational and flow checks
  • Check and verify engine performance numbers
  • Operate all aircraft mechanical systems checking for visually accessible leaks and normal operation
  • Full avionics equipment operation checks and pitot/static leak checks
  • Cabin entertainment system checks for proper operation
  • Verify gear operation and emergency extensions
  • Check brakes and document wear
  • Clean and inspect wheel bearings
  • Visual inspection of gear axles for corrosion and wear
  • Visual inspection under lavatory for blue water stains/corrosion

Choosing the right partner for your aircraft pre-purchase inspection is paramount. At Banyan, we combine thorough inspections with expert guidance to ensure you have all the information you need to make a confident decision. Protect your investment with Banyan’s comprehensive pre-purchase inspection services.

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